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Wooden Glass

Wooden Glass is a light fixture comprised of translucent wood, a material rendered using xylem removal processes. It is a material innovation attempt to introduce xylem removal wood into lighting design.


Starting with rethinking the usage of scrap wood.

The goal was to redesign a new application that could make unfinished wood appealing and reusable.

Wood after xylem removal will become translucent. The center of our idea - what if we could use a daily material- wood, altering its appearance and property to give it a different appearance?


Evidenced in culture and religion, humans tend to expect the next stage of life to be better; many believe in a Second Chance at life. What if we could provide an everyday material—wood—with a Second Chance, altering its appearance and properties to give it a second finish?

The form language presents minimal to strengthen the differentiation of each wood pattern, honoring the uniqueness of nature’s creation.

Wooden Glass_4_PH.jpg
Wooden Glass_1_PH.jpg

Wooden glass is a decorative accent lamp that highlights the refined wood grain. Customers can choose different types of wood for lighting and decorative purposes. 

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