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Service & Approach

We are a group of multidisciplinary designers and researchers who utilize design as a medium to identify present opportunities and speculate on future systematic strategies.

We aim to create innovative, speculative, and cultural creative designs, reflecting on technologies, environments, and cultural changes nowadays.

Welcome to inquiry and cooperation.

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Innovation Design 

Creating new experiences and designing alternatives are our goals. We constantly initiate research-based design studies on the latest trend, allowing us to reach our innovation design standards.

Speculative Design 

Utilizing imagination is humans’ superpower. Our team excels at “futuring.” We consider our work as a medium to connect the present and speculative futures. We conceptualize and visualize visionary ideas allowing individuals to experience them in curated settings.

Lecture & Workshop

Sharing our creative design tools with individuals and the public is our passion. We believe the discourse we started can bring attention to society and inspire others.

Partnerships & Recognitions

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