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SYN is an innovative calendar/ monthly planner featuring a unique layout for various time intervals. It is designed as a mechanical, three-dimensional planner that assists people in organizing tasks and events without using a digital application.


Inspired by the philosophy of Lo-TEK Design, which draws ideas from traditional knowledge, it transitions traditional innovation and modern usage, creating new form factors for the object.

SYN is designed to adapt to modern calendar usage. Time units are placed carefully to provide a unique experience. Reflecting humans' reliance on digital products, the design explores the notion of non-electric structures to achieve the goal.


Due to the pattern of the day and month, normal calendars are challenged to be universal to adapt to all date changes. However, SYN’s innovative structure design has solved this problem, making it able to apply to any month and day.

The unique form factors are inspired by the “Quipu,” a mnemonic or linguistic system using knots tied in twisted wool or cotton ropes used by ancient Andean South Americans. The pin placement of the SYN calendar and multiple-color design represent and help people identify different events.


SYN Calendar optimizes the use of a physical calendar, providing more detailed and efficient information. It was developed based on a monthly calendar, which can assist in tracking and recording events over a comfortable length of time.

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