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Electronic applications have formed modern society and brought prosperity to human development. Utilizing industrialized materials to create robotics and related components has already become an instinctive thought. However, it also brings up the issues of environmental challenges and the shortage of supply chains...

What if a living organism can help us discover an alternative future and provide a different path? Will it make the world more sustainable and different? 


S-Box(Slimebox) is a speculative Biodesign project about human collaboration with slime molds through its growth and development.

 Slime molds are primitive organisms containing true nuclei and resembling protozoa protists and fungi. Slime molds begin life as amoeba-like cells. These unicellular amoebae are commonly haploid and feed on bacteria. They have the ability to learn and predict periodic unfavorable conditions in laboratory experiments. Some scientists consider they can manage to have various behaviors that are equal to those of animals that possess muscles and nerves with ganglia – simple brains.

10_D5_Image 5_20230125_161420.png

S-BOX speculates on how humans can use slime molds, a living creature, as an information-transferring and storing structure – a bio-computer. S-Box speculates a future scenario of how a living creature can be used as a computer, what the challenges are, and how to maintain the system.

It begins in an alternative future humans use modified slime molds as personal computerized devices. Slime molds are capable of transmitting and storing information, and the methods to input the data into slime molds are via their food sources, which create the product – S-BOX.

12_01_D5_Image 4_20230125_161816.jpg

People can store and keep slime molds in S-BOX, meanwhile, it becomes a personal computer. The creation of these services is visionary and groundbreaking that transforms the way humans interact with digital products entirely, which also influences the supply chain's consumption of non-degradable industrialized materials and processes, creating a more sustainable world.

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