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Renest is an office organizer collection made solely of recycled plastic. The collection creates versatile uses for a series of organizers with appealing patterned recycled plastic, providing a design option that repurposes used plastic.


What is a good approach to using recycled plastic without

creating secondary damage to the environment?

A process that simplifies and reduces its manufacturing methods,

but creates sturdy and longevity day-to-day products for modern people.


Reflect on the challenge of plastic pollution and consider better ways to extend the use of plastic products instead of single-use. Applying to necessary products that people have on a daily basis reduces the chance for plastic to be released into the wild and damage the environment again.

Choosing recycled plastic boards with multiple color pigments makes the product modern and attractive.


The goal is to avoid waste generated during the manufacturing process. This means using simple sheets and a single material to construct different forms that can also be assembled easily

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