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Plan B.

Everything changes, and every change affects. 

In a constantly changing world, to change is to maintain. 

In the end, all changes equilibrate.


Plan B. (Plan Balance) is a design system across digital and physical products that can track different environmental elements to help people understand their surroundings.

The concept of sensing environmental factors is to provide essential information in daily life. Due to the rapidly changing climate, raising awareness of different environmental statuses is more and more critical. Under this condition, intangible elements, such as CO2, O2, humidity, temperature, etc., are critical in humans' living environment. These invisible substances are vital to our bodies, and either an excessive amount is hazardous, or too little is also harmful. 


The dial structure consists of three layers, representing three different elements that can be customized by the users. The structure is divided into two sides, the left-handed side provides the general information from the public service; the right-handed side receives the current information from the portable sensors below. Six pointers in the structure correspond to different levels of environmental elements, current or general location, when all the pointers located in the middle will create a horizontal line that renders the three elements are relatively balance and safe for humans in the current condition.

The three sensors respond to three elements that help people to know the level status immediately. A bottom and a gradient color dial are placed above the device, when users press the bottom, it will activate the sensor and send the information to mobile devices. The sensors can be placed in front of the station for charging purposes.


The concept of balance of nature has been ingrained in popular culture over millennia. It has been well-represented in human history. Nature, as a critical and ancient inspiration for humans' imagination, formed many of our ideologies, and philosophies. However, scientists have proved that the concept of nature, including climate and environment, is a highly dynamic system. It is constantly shifting, every little change will affect the whole, and there is no perfect balance between different climates. Besides, the Environment Explainer, 2019, in the National Geography Magazine states that "the misconception impacts everything from conservation management to climate change policy." The idea of "balanced nature" has become a satisfying term, and it is not helpful for us to reflect on climate issues.

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