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Forenext Doors

Forenext Doors explore the relationship between the home entrance, light, and space, designing a harmonious experience that complements the interior with nature/outdoor and optimizes the entrance design.


The relationship between doors, light, and space in interior design is multifaceted. Doors facilitate movement, provide privacy, influence spatial planning, enhance aesthetics, control light and ventilation, and contribute to safety and security.

By carefully considering the entrance's placement, design, and functionality, interior design can optimize the usability, flow, and overall experience within a space.


Forenext Doors optimize the exterior opening elements by extending the door's footprint. We created unique door systems and configurations that bring multiple benefits to the home environment. The unique design contributes to more natural light in the home, providing energy efficiency, and the extended footprint brings more space and functions, complementing the interior.

Forenext Doors can bring more natural light indoors, adequate lighting is essential for the functionality and performance of a space, and it is critical for human well-being, as it helps regulate our circadian rhythm, enhances mood, and improves productivity.


The design is based on a common door structure principle that enables users to modify and apply it easily to their current homes. Doors influence the spatial planning and layout of a room. The position and size of doors determine the furniture arrangement, circulation paths, and functional zones within a space. The door placements can optimize the flow and efficiency of movement while maintaining a balanced and functional layout.

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